'Piratable Narcissism'

A set of piratable designs of cape, free to be recreated
to feed/grow your narcissism. Measurements/guides are given,
cut it, sew it, you can wear it, share it or give it away.
The happiness/warmth will be yours, but the design is
still mine. Just saying.

A piratable thought, I thought.

A collaboration with 'Sadako's unfashionable fashion diary'
by Sokkuan

#4 - 四角
#3 - 三角 #5 - 五角 #7 - 七角 #6 - 六角




1 - Cut fabrics to shape, front and back, with 1cm allowance, 2mm if you're extra good.
2 - Find a sewing machine and switch on the air-con.
3 - Stitch mixed fabrics for front piece.
4 - Sew along the side, with front and back facing each other, leave a 4 cm opening.

5 - Go take a break and make yourself some tea.
6 - Watch a little TV and re-think whether it's right to even start this.
7 - Flip the piece inside out through the opening, then sew it up.
8 - Iron the cape, try it on (but don't iron the cape while trying it on).
9 - Try to convince yourself you've done the correct thing so far.
10 - Attach buttons and holes.
11 - Declare finish, wear it, sell it to make some money.
12 - Give it away to impress girls, or start a label with it.
13 - Think of a name that tried too hard to be cool, like this website.
14 - Laugh about it, you've made it.

















Piratable Narcissism
'Sadako's unfashionable fashion diary' by Sokkuan


Cape design + specification
Styling photography