Tom is a sensible boy, but few know about his constant battles at the
dinner table. Tom's mom is proud that her son eats every damn thing
she cooks, not realising it's an act of artificial piety.

One day, a bitter gourd breaks the camel's back. Tom goes mad, and vomits
everything he's ever eaten. To make matters worse, all the food transforms
into monsters. To make matters even worse, they are cocky! Tom will have to
fight off these foul food with everything he's got. 

Will Tom survive? Will he grow up being bitter?
Or will he hate bitter gourd even more?

'Why don't you eat shit' is a bizarre adventure that chronicles
the struggle of an ex-sensible boy gone mental.

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Cover art by Sokkuan

As punny as it sounds, 'Desperate sun of the beach' isn't
anything gimmicky, but a story of undying love and unyielding courage.
It's about a sun named Sun, and his raging attempt to eradicate
irritating humans, beach by beach, from the surface of Earth, who's an earth,
none other than one of Sun's nine girlfriends. 

Will Earth be able to survive the onslaught of the humans? 

Will Sun's other girlfriends get jealous and plot against Sun and Earth? 

Will Sun be able to resist the temptation of Earth's sister, Moon?

Will I stop ending a blurb with a question already?

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Cover art by unde

Dick's father has invented a machine. This state-of-the-art device
can steal anything and everything in the world, under one condition:
for it to work, the user must declare he has used the machine to steal.

Dick uses the machine to steal donuts, exam scores, girlfriends,
facebook likes, conversations, organs, limited edition tissues etc..
only to realise there's one thing he'll never be able to steal: originality.

As Albert Einstein says,
"The secret to originality is knowing how to hide your sources". 

Determined, and probably mistaken, Dick sets off on a journey
that'll put E=mc2 to shame - venturing beyond the 11th dimension for
Einstein's secret sauces in order to cheat.

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Cover art by am86213

This death-defying story follows the journey of thirteen-year-old Girl,
who accidentally wakes up her third bloody eye and steps into
the netherworld. With two new sidekicks, a narcissistic ghoul
named Ghoul and a passé half-dead alpaca, Girl is determined
to appeal the case of her dead uncle to the high court of Abyss.

Girl wants her uncle to 'un-write' this pseudo sci-fi story,
to exclude her from this stupid adventure
just like the title says - who gives a flying fuck?

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Cover art by mo2

Four-month-old Hendricks is a ghetto dog. 
Unknown to Hendricks, his mom is stricken with stage 6 paw cancer.
In her numbered days, Hendricks' mum has to help him survive
the harsh vagaries of life. With an iron paw, she passes on to him
the tricks to survival (e.g. bootlicking, bootlicking, booblicking etc).

Hendricks, with his overbearing mom and three box loads
of ex-girlfriends, has to sort out these bitches and set off
on the path to success. A moving story of filiality, betrayal
and the dark side of life.

This "son" of a bitch is bound to touch your inner doggie.

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Cover art by XXX

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